Let’s try to make it clear, what the main cause of such great popularity of Propecia and why it was designed for one condition and treats another one. It all begins with the development of the drug in 1992, when scientists discovered its effect in curing of male ailment – Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia.

During the study, regularly intake of 1mg of finasteride to treat hyperplasia, showed the growth of hair on the forehead and top of the head of men with baldness.

After that case, Propecia became number one remedy in men with androgenic alopecia and without any hyperplasia complications. With years of experiments and successful use, people still wonder whether Propecia works well and effective for everyone. The answer is obvious – just look at numerous reviews or your neighbor, that used Propecia.

The main reason why men lose their hair and suffer from thinning hair, is an excess of male hormone (DHT) in the hair follicles.

The essence of Propecia action is that this drug blocks the formation of the male hormone, that is automatically reflected on the whole hair condition: they become stronger, with activate growth and restored structure. Recently there were released five safest and the most effective drugs, used to treat baldness.

According to experts, the undisputed leader in hair growth stimulants and drugs for alopecia is Propecia. Notwithstanding the fact that immediately after taking, Propecia begins to block hormone production, narrowing the hair follicles and causing growing of a new hair. We must remember that healthy hair grows on average by 1-2cm, therefore, in order to detect a visible improvement it will take several months.

Propecia needs time to be visible at least 3-12 months. Can you imagine that at the end of the year or a longer period of time, you will see that your hair has become thicker and bigger, and the problems, associated with intense hair loss are in the past.

To achieve better results, take Propecia every day for three months or longer period of time. If you, for some reason, missed one day and did not take the medicine, you need to continue using it on a normal schedule. It is strictly forbidden to take drug’s higher doses for the missed days. In such cases, increase the risk of side effects.

After six months of use, you will notice once again grow back healthy hair and it will not just fluff, but real strong hair, and soon you will be able to boast of a luxurious hair again, as in your past youth!