Why Men get baldness?

Baldness is something that one cannot prevent. But why is that some people get baldness fast? There are many reasons why men get bald.

Inheritance or genetic factors contribute a lot to baldness. The male pattern baldness is an instance of this where the hair follicles become thin leading to hair loss and ultimately baldness. Male pattern baldness can be noticed in the temple and the sides of the head.

Another reason why men become bald is because of sebum, the chemical that makes the hair oilier. Sebum that contains high levels of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) can lead to clogged pores.

This clogging pf pores may lead to damage to the hair follicles. Only frequent washing of the hair can prevent sebum but this does not eliminate the risk completely.

It has also been seen that low levels of thyroid hormone also leads to baldness. Baldness can also be caused because of certain autoimmune disorders. Alopecia Areta is a condition where the follicles are damaged because of certain disorders to the immune system.

Fungal infections like a ring worm attack could also lead to baldness. The hair may lose in areas where the pest had attacked and once proper medication is done, hair grows back.

Baldness can also be caused by certain illness. Some persons are seen to shed hairs after a major surgery and sometimes the hairs do not grow back that leads to baldness. Stress is also seen to be a factor that leads to hair loss.

Medications can also lead men to baldness. A person who has been administered chemotherapy loses hair and it could lead to baldness. Certain medicines for heart problems like blood thinners can lead to hair loss.

Another reason for baldness in men is malnutrition. Iron deficiency or low protein diets can lead to loss of hair in men.

However, the good thing is that there is nothing to worry about baldness as there are several ways to overcome it. There are several medications that could be applied on the scalp or that could be taken orally that helps in resisting hair loss.

Moreover, there are other ways like hair implants that helps in fixing new hair follicles.