The American Hair Loss Association recommends that you only use the products that are FDA approved to re-grow hair.

The market is now flooded with information and promises from thousands of different companies and products that base themselves on valid scientific research, but have yet to receive any type of endorsement from the scientific community or the government to substantiate the claims that their products re-grow hair.

This is why you can expect more from a hair loss Propecia treatment or similar products that are actually proven to re-grow hair.

A Hair Loss Propecia Treatment Works For Different Reasons

There are ads and commercials promoting hair loss miracle treatments all over the world, but a hair loss Propecia treatment will actually slow or stop the progression of hair loss. The only drawback is that because Propecia was originally designed to help the prostrate, it only treats the problem of baldness in males.

Propecia scientifically shrinks the hair follicle by 60%, which eventually leads to hair growth. This reduction has proven to stop the on-set of hair loss in 86% of men taking the drug during clinical trials. Sixty-five percent of these men experienced a substantial increase in the growth of their hair.

Lowering DHT levels seems to be the only effective proven way to stop hair loss. The American Hair Loss Association recommends that men who are treating baldness can start by using the hair loss Propecia treatment.

Side effects

A Propecia hair loss treatment is only available by prescription and only meant for men.  It is taken by pill form and contains the drug Finasteride to re-grow hair.  It works to lower androgens, which is a class of hormones that affects hair loss.

One study has found that Propecia is effective on treating hair loss on the forehead which is the most difficult place for men to re-grow hair.  It also only needs to be taken orally once a day, so there aren’t any messy creams to fool with.

It is mainly effective on treating male pattern baldness, but does have some side effects, that include erection problems and a general lack o desire for sex.

Organic Shampoos

Organic shampoos may not cure baldness, but they can work in conjunction with a hair loss Propecia treatment.  Commercial shampoos tend to leave a build up which, along with DHT tends to block the hair follicles and leave a residue on the scalp.  Organic shampoos wash away clean and optimize the effects of a hair loss Propecia treatment.