Hair loss is a sensitive issue for men in general. With the help of advanced Medical science the cause of hair loss is clearly pointed out.

Many of us are aware of the common reasons of hair loss are hormones and genetics and we even read so in various magazines and journals but at the same time we should be aware of the fact that the chief role is played by DHT in causing hair loss. Hair loss is a common phenomenon and around 95 percent individuals suffer from the acute hair loss problem.

The chief component that contributes to the hair loss problem, DHT can be controlled by the use of Propecia. Your hair loss problem will completely vanish if you treat your condition with propecia for some quality time.

The hair follicles tend to become thinner and thinner when there is accumulation of DHT. DHT is the main hormone used broadly in the early stages of the human population. The hair is completely withered away and the situation becomes such that hair follicles stop producing visible hair.

DHT is the obvious and apparent cause of hair loss. There can be different reasons of hair loss therefore till all the reasons for hair loss is somewhat incomprehensible. In male pattern hair loss higher levels of DHT are found in the scalp.

You should know all the 3 stages of hair cycle:

  1. Expansion
  2. Falling off
  3. New expansion

The thinning of hair occurs due to the existence of DHT which is responsible for quickening the falling out phase and shortening the expansion phase.

In general DHT binds with the hereditarily susceptible follicle receptor which is in the hair on the scalp. The conversion of testosterone into DHT is prevented by propecia. As a result hair loss is prevented. In the old days propecia was known as proscar and it was widely used for checking hair loss. Propecia blocks the enzyme 5 alpha-reductase, which in turn reduces the DHT level in the scalp thereby preventing hair loss.

However, Propecia has not been found to restore re-growth in frontal areas. Propecia produces massive results when it has been amalgamated with Rogaine especially for hair re-growth in the crown area of the scalp. Only with the help of transplant therapy the front hairline area can be reinstated with hair.

Also you should know that Propecia is only ideal for use by old men. You can achieve quick and better result towards curing your baldness if you are suffering from the problem for less than five years. You will find your physicians recommending propecia which will help in curing hair loss tentatively and then they would advise you to go for hair transplantation for the lost hair.

In order to achieve positive results everyday intake of propecia is required continuously for 3 to 6 months. The moment you stop taking propecia you would see that your hair loss problem is persisting.

In the old days propecia was used for treating prostrates. It is suggested that pregnant women should never take Propecia as intake of Propecia may lead to neonatal abnormalities. In order to notice positive results propecia should be taken continuously for 3 months. You should also be aware of the side effects caused due to propecia. Propecia may lead to lack of sex drive and impotency.