Just like Rogaine, the idea to stop hair loss with Propecia has an unusual story behind it. This began when Propecia was approved by the FDA to use for prostate problems.  One of the side effects that were widely reported was extra hair growth.

This development led doctors and researchers to test the drug on men exhibiting signs of male pattern baldness. The result was the FDA approval of Propecia as a hair loss treatment for men.  Unfortunately, woman cannot use it because of potential birth defects.

Does It Really Work?

Forty percent of the men who have tried to stop hair loss with Propecia claim that it does work as a re-growth formula, while about another 40% reported that it significantly slows down continued hair loss.

Considering that many hair loss remedies produce negligible results in most people, these statistics are worth considering, especially since this hair loss medication has a side benefit of a healthier prostate.

The down side is that when you choose to stop hair loss with Propecia, it only works as long as you take the medication. This is because the drug is quickly metabolized, so if you stop taking it and it is no longer in your system, the new hair will stop growing. Also, when you stop hair loss with Propecia, it mainly grows hair on top of the head, but doesn’t help a receding hairline.

Side Effects Of Propecia

Depression, lack of sex drive sex drive, and temporary erectile dysfunction are side effects to think about if you try to stop hair loss with Propecia.  Maybe even worse is a condition called gynecomastia, which something that society impolitely calls “man boobs.”  As well, this medication must never come in contact with any pregnant women as it can cause life-threatening birth effects to a fetus, particularly a male one.

Don’t be alarmed if you start shedding hair when you start using Propecia.  It is a perfectly normal biological response. Typically, old hair growth sheds itself from your body to make room for the new hair re-growth. If you do not see any noticeable changes within six months of using the drug, you might want to think about trying something else.

Propecia is also available in a generic format through your local or online pharmacy and tends to be cheaper than the name brand. With some online pharmacies, this medication may also be called Prosteride or Proscar.

You won’t see instant results when you decide to stop hair loss with Propecia, so don’t bother looking in the mirror for the first few months.  It may take a while, but the almost guaranteed results are worth it.