We human beings are very funny. If you view the actions of human beings philosophically it is quite funny that we run behind inconsequential things all the time. Primarily we are all the time running behind money and manage to accumulate money never to spend it. In the course of making money they would have abused their body without giving it sufficient rest, proper food and nutrition as well as health.

So as the individual is getting richer in his bank account, he is also accumulating diseases in the body due to wrong habits. It is when he stops and decides to sit back and enjoy his money that the diseases take its toll and his body begins to fail. Then he has no option but to spend all the money he earned on his hospital bills and in trying to maintain his health.

So where is the enjoyment? Running behind money at the cost of his life was just not worth it. This is true of educated people who think that they are very intelligent. Intelligent they are but not wise.

Let’s look at some more things that we run behind. Men have been running behind all sorts of medicines and aphrodisiac products that promise to increase his libido.

There is some kind of a notion in most men that the sign of maleness is to do with their libido. Incase some one finds him self living celibate or his sexual drive decreases due to any reason, it gives a severe emotional blow to his ego. Men are also similarly under the notion that their attractiveness has to do with their hair on the head.

They dread going bald. The minute they see signs of receding hairline, no matter how young or old they run helter skelter looking for solution that can stop them from growing bald. In their search for solution, they stop thinking rationally and would be willing to try out any kind of treatment at any cost.

We have a lot of hair growth and baldness prevention treatments that have been tried out by men. In quite a few societies in the Middle East, Asia and the East, men are known to apply oil to their heads regularly. The hair oils are prepared with herbs and other ingredients that are supposed to promote hair growth.

There are also other beauty products like henna which is also used by men. Being a paste made out of henna leaves, tea leaves and mixed with oil and herbs, it is applied weekly on the head. There are several herbal and other medicinal plants that are consumed as medicine in Ayurveda and other oriental medicinal practices that are known to stop hair fall and promote hair growth.

However in the modern times we have very good treatment options available for baldness in men. One need not try out the various herbal treatments or go in for the lotions and creams that promise cure.

All that a man has to do is to go to a doctor and explain the problem to him. Hair loss in men and baldness can occur due to hereditary reasons as well as due to major stress, diseases, illness or surgery. The doctor would be the best judge to diagnose and in most cases prescribe a course of Propecia. Propecia is an oral tablet that is prescribed for treating and stopping male baldness.

This inhibits the DHT that is chiefly responsible for baldness from action and thereby stops the baldness. Coupled with Propesia the patient would also be advised to take proper nutrition to aid new hair growth. So Men can stop looking further and searching for solutions for their baldness at least. As regards to other matters, we have nothing to say.